​​​Compliance Training:

Educating employees on the laws, regulations, and company

policies that apply to their day-to-day job responsibilities.

Diversity: Promoting Respect in the Workplace

This program includes all types of diversity including gender differences, age, technology, physical disabilities, culture, and religion. There are self-assessments and exercises that may surprise long-term employees as well as those that are new to the workplace. One test will help participants to understand that we put people into categories almost immediately upon meeting them. Some categories include: Appreciation, Acceptance, and Tolerance. This has been designed to help people to recognize their differences and understand that I am not different from you but I am different like you. When you call you can tell her, "Michelle, Motivate Me to get READI by increasing: Respect, Equality, Appreciation, Diversity, and Inclusion in my workplace."

Dress Code Policies

Managers and Supervisors need to know what your policy says about appropriate attire. It doesn't stop there. They also need to know the laws, and the potential for a discrimination suit. This class teaches the importance of upholding an image of the organization while abiding by the law and allowing employees freedom of expression.


The privacy rule is no joke yet sometimes it is treated as such. This class is no snoozer as it explores really complicated issues that your employees may face on a day-to-day basis. There are practical solutions offered and challenging questions are welcomed. The government may be vague in certain areas of this law so the class offers advice that is commonly used throughout the various industries while citing some recent cases as a justification for the recommended course of action.Personnel Law for Managers

Do you suspect that there are fraudulent FMLA and Worker’s Comp claims in your organization? Is there high turn over? Do you have trouble retaining good employees? Do you think that some employees are “working the system”? If you answer yes to any of these questions you need this seminar. Managers and Supervisors need to know the law and how it works. This course will focus on the E.E.O.C. and the DOL and the important role they play in our organizations. Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with the alphabet soup, you will understand by the time this course is finished!

Preventing Sexual Harassment: Promoting Respect in the Workplace

What is sexual harassment? What is not considered sexual harassment? What is 3rd party sexual harassment? What is quid pro quo? Which type of sexual harassment is the worst in the eyes of the law? All of these questions will be answered and more in this enlightening seminar. Attention H.R. Professionals as you will need to get your pen out. Action plans as well as policies revisions will be discussed. New legislation will be covered which will cause everyone to make changes in how we behave with one another in the workplace.

Safety, OSHA & Workers' Comp

Do your employees take safety seriously? When employees complete this class, they understand the WIIFM (What's in it for me?), and this topic takes priority in their thinking. Visuals are the key to compliance and this class is full of them. Who wants to lose a limb? Is a paper cut a serious injury? Can anyone fall down a flight of stairs - you bet! Reducing workers' compensation claims is a situation where everyone wins. Any H.R. Professional can add that to your list of accomplishments, but you can't do it alone. This engaging program will guarantee compliance because it is in everyone's best interest.

Smart Hiring Skills: Recruiting, Interviewing & Hiring the RIGHT People

Choosing to hire the right people is the most important action your organization takes on a continual basis. Are you hiring the right people? Do you have high turn over? If the answer is yes then you probably need work on your recruiting, interviewing, and hiring skills. What about the legal ramifications? Do your Managers and Supervisors know what areas are taboo to discuss in the interview process? If the answer is no then you could face legal action. Learn the legal aspects of this program as well as participating in a fast-paced seminar that will leave you with at least 3 questions that you can use in your next interview.

Michelle Can Motivate You to Take Action on...


Inspire your team to think differently, be solution seeking, and see challenges in a whole new light. This interactive program will help your organization to light a fire to their creativity and embrace the possibilities of overcoming obstacles by working together to solve significant issues.

Keynote Programs by Michelle

Michelle's 5-Rules Keynote Speech

Michelle's 5-Rules has motivated, inspired, and got an audience to laugh while being moved to take action on their own goals. The 5-Rules Keynote Speech give direction and step-by-step instruction on how to do accomplish dreams. This keynote is informative and fun. It's an excellent way to spice up an executive meeting. She has had great success with annual meetings, and the best way to have everyone to raving about their holiday party is to have Michelle go over the power of her 5-Rules!

Webinars by Michelle

"Michelle, Motivate Me!"

Strategic Planning / Ideation /

"Triggered Brain Walking"

Assertiveness Skills: Communicating Successfully

Do you know what it means to be assertive? Do you sometimes feel like a doormat? Do people take you seriously or do they take you for granted? Empower yourself to communicate in an effective manner to get the results you are looking for and be respected in the process. You’ll learn tips and tricks to improve your relationships with people. You’ll discover why you do things including identifying the 3 common mistakes to why you don’t say, “No” when you should.

Some people confuse being assertive with being aggressive. This does not work. Learn the difference and change the way people deal with you forever. This is an intense program that asks participants to employ the techniques that are being taught to ensure success the next time they need to assert themselves. This is not for the faint of heart.

Communicating: Be Confident & Maintain Credibility

Communicating effectively encompasses a great deal of material. This course focuses on a few areas. One area includes personality types. There are 4 personality types and you probably dominate one type and there may be others that you struggle with in your communication. This will be explored as well as your ability to communication all of the necessary facts this is otherwise known as the Journalism Technique.

No class on communication would be complete without working on the listening skills. Body Language will also be covered as the experts tell us it is more than 50% of the communication process. Business writing and public speaking are two areas that cannot be ignored when communicating in the work world today.

 Customer Service: A FUN Approach

This seminar is full of activities and the opportunity to put what is learned into action immediately. There are four different sections and they include: Use Your Imagination & Have Fun at Work, Make it About Them (this means co-workers, employees, customers, clients, etc.), Be Present and this section focuses on listening skills as well as the 5 Steps to Quality Service, and finally Decide Your Day. This last section looks at the power of words, choosing your attitude, dealing with complaints, and finally honoring diversity. The whole program is jam packed with exercises, group discussions, and other interactive material. The goal is to ensure that participants know what to do when they get back into the workplace to put this into practice as soon as possible.

Customer Service: Promoting Excellence in the Workplace

This approach to customer service training is more advanced than the other course and it is a more serious look at what it takes to be excellent. Through case studies and group discussions participants will learn what it means to be excellent in their organization. This process is one of self-discovery and the participants will have an active role in making suggestions for changes and improvement in their work environment. This is a very active course that will include many exercises written as well as other types that will ensure that everyone is playing his/her part in this process.

Effective Performance Management Skills

Managers and Supervisors need to know what is expected of them and how their performance is being measured. Do they give the same courtesy to their employees? Some do and some do not. Why? Most of them have not been taught some of the most important skills: coaching, disciplining, recognizing good performance, rewarding employees, team building, motivating, goal setting etc. This program focuses on how to improve performance in the workplace. It is appropriate for up and coming supervisors as well as those that have been on the job for 20+ years.

Effective Public Speaking

Do you get nervous at the thought of standing in front of a group of people? Do you have to do public speaking as part of your job? Well this program is just for you. Learn how to get over your fears, focus so that you come across as confident, and talk about things that will make your audience sit up straight and listen. This is an active program where you will be asked to make a presentation but not before you are ready to do so. Please bring all of your material with you so that you can walk out of this course with an outline and at least one practice run. Go get ‘em tiger!

Executive Training

This program is to provide training to those who will need to reinforce the training that will be given to front line employees or middle management. This may include the owner of the company, senior management, and/or the board of directors. The goal is to keep everyone on the same page. Every successful trainer knows that the material will be lost if it is not reinforced by those in positions of power. Ideally this program will partner with those individuals for the good of the organization. All ideas will be considered and success is inevitable!

Gender Based Communication: How to Handle Wo(Men)

“I don’t understand women” and “I don’t understand men” has been said since the beginning of time (probably… We were not there so we cannot verify this information). How can we understand the opposite sex? First we need some sex education – no, not that kind but one where we explore the scientific research into the male and female brain. There are major differences and as a result we have challenges in the workplace. Each gender has their advantages and rather than struggling with differences we need to exploit the strengths of each gender. How does one do that? Glad you asked! That is what will be covered and so much more in this popular program.

Strategic Planning / Ideation / "Triggered Brain Walking"

Inspire your team to think differently, be solution seeking, and see challenges in a whole new light. This interactive program will help your organization to light a fire to their creativity and embrace the possibilities of overcoming obstacles by working together to solve significant issues.

Team Building & FUN Exercises

Is your team exasperated with the work overload and talk of budget crunches? It’s time to revive them as well as yourself! Overcome negativity and transform those marginal employees into solid performers. How? It takes a lot of work and this program requires the commitment of the decision makers (owners, senior management, and/or the board of directors) to cooperate with the training efforts. The team did not get negative all by themselves and they will not transform all by themselves but it doesn’t have to take an act of congress to get them to change either. It can be done and this is the program to do it!

Training & Coaching: A Guide for Managers & Supervisors

This is a program that encompasses group discussion, audio/visual components, demonstration, as well as exercises and games. You will learn the latest discoveries in adult learning theory as well as the 4 personality types and how to teach to them. This is for those who do classroom training as well as those who conduct on-the-job training. Do you have to deal with those difficult participants and you are not sure how to do it? You will learn that as well as the Socratic Method. You will look like a star the next time you have to do your training program. Bring all of your training material with you as you will leave this session with an outline and some great ideas to use immediately.
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