Are You Eating Emotionally? 

When something happens whether you're happy, sad, frustrated, and/or bored is eating your go-to activity? You're not alone. Many people eat not because they're necessarily hungry, but to change their moods. Michelle will show you how to stop eating to feel better (regulate your emotions), and gain back your power in every area of your life. She'll provide insights as to where you may be trying to fill an emotional void with food and easy remedies to change that. She'll give guidance as to how to learn to eat consciously, embrace your emotions, and see food as fuel. Finally, Michelle will explore ways to incorporate her 5 Rules that include your natural talents and ideas, and will show you how to be a role-model for others in eating consciously.

5 Rules to Use

"Michelle, Motivate Me To S.E.E. (Stop Eating Emotionally)!"


S.E.E. (Stop Emotional Eating) 5 Rules to Use - The Michelle, Motivate Me! System...

Whether she shocks you or strikes a cord of familiarity — and quite possibly both — you’ll never forget the time you spend with Michelle.

Program Description:

Deeply moving and profoundly wise, Michelle has inspired women to stop emotional eating, and take their lives in bold new directions. So if you’re ready to become a conscious eater… Michelle will help you get on the path towards a life where you take your power back, regain your strength, and find your freedom.

Only you can choose to change your previous ways and stop emotional eating.

Michelle’s genius — her gift — is in motivating and inspiring people like you to think in extraordinary new ways and to make changes that are necessary in order to have a life that is free from emotional eating.

But the choice to learn the skills of consciously eating is up to you. The crucial first step is to make a commitment right now to be there on the program with Michelle…

Once you embark on this enlightening journey with Michelle as your guide, you will never again look at your life in quite the same way. She’ll broaden your perspective, expand your mind, and show you how to see possibilities and breakthroughs where you may have only seen obstacles and problems.

“S.E.E. (Stop Emotional Eating) 5 Rules to Use - The Michelle, Motivate Me! System” will sweep you away!

A commanding presence with a refreshingly bold style, Michelle pumps up the program with enough positive energy to raise the roof. She is genuine, she is warm, and she is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with! Spending time with Michelle is a one-way ticket to having a life that feels valued, respected and in some cases even cherished.

Learning to stop emotional eating is just the beginning.

In S.E.E. (Stop Emotional Eating) 5 Rules to Use - The Michelle, Motivate Me! System, Michelle takes you far beyond what you’d normally cover in a traditional program. With her trademark no-nonsense approach, she demonstrates simple but remarkably effective techniques and responses for dealing with triggers and saboteurs (this last one is about dealing with those that may live in your home). You will learn how to attract what you want, receive your inner guidance, embrace your vulnerable side, stay centered by communicating what you need, and express your gratitude easily. Michelle will work with you on your mindset to ensure that you know how to stay in control and focused in a variety of tough situations. You will know how to read your own hunger meter, decipher the different mental messages you may be receiving, and know how to handle your hunger before it gets out of control.

When you attend this program, you’ll get the unprecedented opportunity to step back and really reflect, to look at where you are and where you want to go with regard to stopping emotional eating.

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