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 Program Description:
Deeply moving and profoundly wise, Michelle has inspired thousands of professionals to embrace a new way to negotiate, and take their lives in bold new directions. So if you’re ready to negotiate what you want/need/deserve… Michelle will help you get on the path towards a life where you're respected, taken seriously, and compensated generously for your time and effort. You may need to negotiate with people at work, home, or somewhere else in your life where you need more time, money, or things to be more fair.

Only you can choose to change your previous ways that are not getting you what you want/need/deserve.

Michelle’s genius — her gift — is in motivating and inspiring people like you to think in extraordinary new ways and to make changes necessary for having a life that is free from feeling like a doormat and full of feelings of satisfaction and joy.

But the choice to learn the skills of win-win negotiation is up to you. The crucial first step is to make a commitment right now to be there on the program with Michelle…

Once you embark on this enlightening journey with Michelle as your guide, you will never again look at your life in quite the same way. She’ll broaden your perspective, expand your mind, and show you how to see possibilities and breakthroughs where you may have only seen only obstacles and problems.

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