DEI, Safety and Compliance Training
Years of experience: 10+

Expertise: Ensuring Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) as well as Safety and Compliance with the Leadership Team. Creating and maintaining a successful workplace; one founded on the principle that all people can thrive personally and professionally.

Mission Statement:

To empower people to motivate themselves to take action on their dreams. We do that by conducting in-person and online training programs that are exploratory, interactive, and action oriented.


*Accountability *Caring *Community *Diversity *Encouragement *Equity *Fellowship *Fun *Inclusion *Interaction *Motivation *Take Action

Michelle Marchand Canseco is a Training and Development Professional who has taught in-person and online all over the world for the past 20 years.

What can Michelle do for you?

She is a Certified Trainer and an Online Instructor. She will give you clarity on what needs to get done and the accountability to make sure you do it.

Michelle's Vision

Michelle's Training and Coaching

Customer Service

Years of experience: 20+

Expertise: Facilitating a program filled with empathy, so that when they truly learn to listen and solve problems, employees transform their lives in all areas (personal and professional).

Change Management

Years of experience: 15+

Expertise: Motivating people to make changes they never thought possible, so that they experience a more productive attitude and an overall boost in morale for all.

To empower each individual to claim her power and become a conscious creator of the life of her dreams!