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It's Your Turn To Get Everything You Want in Life While Maintaining

Healthy Relationships with Others & Yourself.

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You can negotiate like a winner!

Want to make sure you do everything to get what you want/need/deserve in life?

Want to maintain healthy relationships with others & yourself while getting what you want/need/deserve?

Ready to be an example to others in your life?

Let me show you how to get there, and stay there.

I get it, even my best clients look for quick fixes before they start working with me because they perceive negotiation as something other people do. But, small changes that you can build upon are essential to making changes that are sustainable and long term. Not getting what you want/need/deserve is a common problem, not managing your stress, not practicing self-care or taking time for yourself are things everybody neglects from time to time. Pair those things with a lack of faith in yourself and unawareness of all your accomplishments and it makes it too easy to give up.

Instead of just trying something out for a while that doesn’t stick, I empower you to make a permanent change to your ability to see yourself as a negotiator in all areas of your life. This change will stay with you forever and you'll keep reaping the rewards of your work for the rest of your life.

Here’s How I Can Help:

I know that the conventional model of negotiation says to "crush your competition" and "destroy your detractor", but I know there's another way... everyone can win in a negotiation. Really!

Instead, I walk you through how to:

  • Take small steps towards your negotiation goals, making it a manageable process that helps you get incrementally closer to your negotiation goals. It’s the small efforts taken regularly that add up to a successful outcomes when it comes to negotiating what you want/need/deserve in all areas of your life.

  • Share the latest negotiation techniques, in an easy to understand format and show you how to consider what will work for you and your unique makeup. I’ll help you create scripting that I KNOW works that you can continue beyond the program.  

  • Create a personalized negotiation strategy that really works for you in every area of your life (work, home, with anyone). Having clear actions step with built-in accountability and support can make all the difference.

I’ll also help you establish:

Affirmations you'll say to yourself to guide you in seeing yourself as a strong negotiator who creates win-win outcomes.

The seven steps to negotiate like a winner, and get anything you want while maintaining healthy relationships with others & yourself.

A goal setting structure that allows you to focus on bite sized changes that are easily achievable and move you closer to your larger negotiation strategy.

Ready to work together to create sustainable change and get what you really want?

My program is designed for you if:

You’re ready to transform your negotiation strategy at work, home, and everywhere into continual win-win outcomes, and all the while maintaining healthy relationships with others & yourself.

You have a feeling of hopelessness because you’re not getting what you want/need/deserve out of life, or you’ve watched others struggle with not getting what they want/need/deserve. You can't be a role-model to others if you're not doing it yourself. I created this program with you in mind.

My program is not designed for you if:

You have everything you want/need/deserve in life, and you won't need anything else in the future either.

You're already a role-model to others (especially your children). You see others striving in life because of your consistent example of how to negotiate, and these people look to you to guide them in how to achieve what they want/need/deserve in a negotiation.

You’re not open to making lifestyle changes.

About Michelle

Hi, I’m Michelle, a corporate trainer, motivational coach, online instructor who focuses on actionable goals, strategies, and unconventional techniques to get you to achieve your goals. I also am a certified training and development professional to teach in front of the classroom, lead seminars and webinars, as well as design E-Learning programs.  

I’m dedicated to this work because I've seen the transformation it has had on so many people over the years. They always tell me about how working on this improved the quality of their lives...

I'm passionate about helping others get what they want/need/deserve out of life while maintaining healthy relationships with others and themselves.

I also wanted to create a program where I could leverage a critical conversation where people can discuss pertinent issues. Which ones? People share the fears they have, the obstacles that obstruct them from moving forward, as well as their own self-sabotaging behavior and negative self-talk. It's designed this way so you know that when you're participating in the program, you know you’re not alone. You can share the journey with others and feel lighter because of it. Some people in the program have success in one area of life while struggling in another. They'll share their success stories with you and a light will go off in your head, and I know you'll have a breakthrough. That same person may be struggling in another area of life, and will learn from YOU. That's the magic of this community, and the connection it creates. It translates into higher quality of life and also better negotiation outcomes for all of us!

It’s also my goal to make this program more affordable for the average person. By using payment plans, individuals can pay in parts for the information and still get an individualized approach to the lifestyle changes they need to make.

Ready for more? Here’s how to take the next step...

I’m excited to help you make being a better negotiator a priority in your life so you can get ANYTHING want/need/deserve in all areas of your life.

Ready to negotiate like a winner? Let Michelle show you how. Confirm your seat below.