"Michelle, Motivate Me To Get READI!"

A READI Workplace Is: Respectable, Equitable, Appreciative, Diverse, & Inclusive

Is your organization READI?

Michelle will show you how to garner more respect for all employees in your workplace. She'll provide insights as to where there seems to be a lack of equality and easy remedies to change it. She'll give guidance as to how to learn to appreciate the differences of your diverse work environment to see how it truly helps with progress. Finally, Michelle will explore ways to work that include everyone's talents and ideas.

Prevent Sexual Harassment - The Michelle, Motivate Me! System...

Whether she shocks you or strikes a cord of familiarity — and quite possibly both — you’ll never forget the day you spent with Michelle.

Program Description:
One-Day Seminar

Deeply moving and profoundly wise, Michelle has inspired thousands of professionals to embrace change and take their organizations in bold new directions. So if you’re ready to help the organization stay the safe, respectful place it’s always been (or you want it to be)… Michelle will help you stay (or get) on the path towards a compliant, respectful, and productive work environment.

Only you can choose to change your organization’s previous ways.

Michelle’s genius — her gift — is in motivating and inspiring professionals like you to think in extraordinary new ways and to make changes necessary for having a workplace that is respectful and free of harassment.

But the choice to protect your organization is up to you. The crucial first step is to make a commitment right now to book Michelle…

Once you embark on this enlightening journey with Michelle as your guide, you will never again look at your organization in quite the same way. She’ll broaden your perspective, expand your mind, and show you how to see possibilities and breakthroughs where you may have only seen only obstacles and problems.

“Preventing Sexual Harassment - The Michelle, Motivate Me! System” will sweep you away!

A commanding presence with a refreshingly bold style, Michelle pumps up the room with enough positive energy to raise the roof. She is genuine, she is warm, and she is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with! Spending a day with Michelle is a one-way ticket to having an organization filled with a positive and productive work force that feels valued and respected.

Compliance is just the beginning.

In Preventing Sexual Harassment - The Michelle, Motivate Me! System, Michelle takes you far beyond what you’d normally cover in a traditional compliance program. With her trademark no-nonsense approach, she demonstrates simple but remarkably effective techniques and responses for dealing with harassment in the workplace. Employees will learn how to find their true voice, how to speak up and be heard, how to resolve conflict quickly, and how to stay calm and focused in a variety of tough situations. Managers and Supervisors will know how to face the offending behavior, lead by example, and model the relationships that are right for the workplace. Finally, Senior Management will know the liability, risks, and the rewards by supporting the right initiatives, creating policy and procedures to deal with this issue, and know how to defuse a ticking time bomb before it detonates.

Communicate! Comply! Care!

This event is not only about communicating and compliance, but it’s also about showing how much the organization cares. This is guaranteed to have a profound effect on your employees. Just imagine how valued they’ll feel after an inspiring day away from ringing phones, office pressures, looming deadlines and on-the-job frustrations — a day spent learning ways to give and get more respect and from each other.

When your Employees, Managers & Supervisors, as well as Senior Management attend this program, they’ll get the unprecedented opportunity to step back and really reflect, to look at where they are and where they want to go with regard to a harassment-free work environment.


Spend just one MOTIVATING DAY with Michelle, and in 3 separate sessions for:

  • Employees
  • Managers & Supervisors
  • Senior Management

The entire organization will learn...

  1. What needs to be included when setting a strong company policy
  2. Why training can be your best defense against being accused of sexual harassment
  3. Acceptable and unacceptable on-the-job behaviors
  4. How to speak up when faced with unwanted advancements or innuendos
  5. Intent vs. perception
  6. The truth and consequences of harassing a co-worker
  7. How to apply the “Reasonable Person” standard
  8. Filing a complaint… step-by-step
  9. Why Managers can’t afford to ignore sexual harassment
  10. Why it’s essential to have the policy in place
  11. How the EEOC defines sexual harassment
  12. The meaning of “quid pro quo” and why it’s illegal
  13. Which workplace scenarios constitute sexual harassment – take the challenge & test your knowledge!
  14. Why there needs to be some type of follow up on comments, observations, or rumors
  15. How to conduct a sexual harassment interview
  16. When it’s time to call in the experts from HR
  17. How Managers & Supervisors can help prevent and reduce incidents of sexual harassment
  18. Why retaliation is something you never, ever do
  19. The definition of defamation and how to avoid it
  20. Why it’s important that Senior Management participate fully in all preventing sexual harassment training
  21. When it’s necessary to hire a third-party investigator
  22. The top 10 cases of all time, the verdicts, and what your organization needs to do NOW to stay out of the courtroom and the headlines
  23. Case-study to understand the similarities to your organization and what to do about it
  24. FAQs from Senior Management
  25. The biggest blunders made by CEOs with regard to sexual harassment in the workplace