Affirmations To Be A Better Negotiator


Michelle Marchand Canseco of "Michelle, Motivate Me!"

Negotiation comes naturally to me because I value my talent, time, and skills

I know what my time and talents are worth, and I negotiate accordingly

I recognize my strengths, as I have taken inventory of my success stories

I have done my research, and I know what I’m asking for is possible

I have assessed my accomplishments,

and I know I am worth what I am

asking for in the negotiation

I am a confident negotiator, and I get the results I am looking for during a negotiation

I am aware of my inner negotiators, and I know how to use them effectively

I always get the best deal, as I am a skillful negotiator

I create win-win scenarios in all my negotiations

I am an excellent communicator, and I am easily understood during a negotiation

I negotiate with confidence and flair

I focus on what I want/need/deserve in a negotiation

I am creative in thinking of other things besides money in a negotiation to get what I want/need/deserve

My negotiation skills are strong, and I am always improving

I am a creative negotiator that helps everyone to win

I can talk to people easily and help them to see my point of view

I am able to be flexible and reach workable solutions

I stick with the negotiation until the deal is done

I persist in my pursuit for a win-win scenario during the negotiation

People admire my tenacity during a negotiation

I am a role model for others

People admire my negotiation skills and ability to create win-win scenarios

I am a gifted negotiator

Negotiation is easy for me

I know what I want and how to get it by using effective and fair negotiation tactics

I approach the negotiation in a way that avoids conflict and confrontation

I enjoy the discussion back and forth until an agreement is reached

I am calm and peaceful when negotiating with others

I am an insightful listener and I hear the words beneath the words

I know how to talk to people and I know how to listen to negotiate in their “lingo” and vernacular

I easily see things from their perspective

I know how to negotiate with those of the opposite sex and across cultures

I think and dream big with regard to negotiations

I play big because I am powerful, and I work towards the good of all concerned

I have the power to succeed at negotiating with others

I am generous and able to share my good fortune when I negotiate successfully

I play to win and help others win with me

I am a prosperous and successful negotiator

Being well-off feels absolutely amazing and puts me in a position of strength during a negotiation

My ability to negotiate grows more impressive every day

I attract great deals to negotiate all the time

Making a successful deal is easy for me and happens all the time

I make the most out of every negotiation to benefit everyone involved

I easily see where others want to go in the negotiation and find ways for the deal to be mutually satisfying

I boost my bottom line by seeking solutions that work for all parties

I am savvy and know what to say when others object to my position in a negotiation

I easily explain what will work for everyone involved

Ideas flow freely to me when times get tense during a negotiation

I am prepared for the push back when others are not able to agree to what I have proposed in the negotiation

I always stay calm and have a positive perspective when others are ready to walk away from the negotiation

I see the big picture and know how to draw others in to seeing it with me

I handle all negotiations with class and elegance

I know how to walk away when others are not being reasonable during a negotiation

I let it go when the deal doesn't seem to be working for all parties

I let others leave when they are not able to agree and trust they will return if the negotiation is right for all involved

I stay strong when others use manipulative tactics to get me to be emotional instead of logical

I easily resist manipulation and know how to center myself to stay strong

I have strong body language that mirrors my belief in myself

I keep my tone of voice congruent with my belief in myself, and my abilities as a fair and effective negotiator

I know what to do when the negotiation is a win-win and how to handle it when the negotiation is not where it needs to be

I know what to do if others are not willing/able to live up to their end of the deal

I know how to follow-up after the negotiation to ensure that all promises are kept

I reduced the stress in my life by being a better negotiator

I have increased the peace in my life by being a better negotiator

I provided a road map for others by being a better negotiator

Because I have worked on being a better negotiator, I now love negotiating win-win scenarios where everyone gets to succeed

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"Michelle, Motivate Me To Be A Better Negotiator!"

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Communicate! Consider! Care!

This event is not only about negotiating to get what you want, but it’s also about showing how much care about the other person. This is guaranteed to have a profound effect on the people in your life. Just imagine how valued they’ll feel after they know how much you've communicated, considered their perspective, and cared enough to understand their pressures, looming deadlines, and frustrations — it all happens when you invest your time in learning ways to give and get more respect and from others especially while negotiating over important issues.

When you attend this program, you’ll get the unprecedented opportunity to step back and really reflect, to look at where you are and where you want to go with regard to improving and enhancing your negotiation skills.

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