Prevent Workplace Harassment

Years of experience: 10+

Expertise: Getting Senior Management to understand the risks, and to support the training by participating and championing the appropriate projects.

Hire Her

Whether you want Michelle to design your training and development compliance plan, or train your current employees, she can help!                

Leadership Development

Years of experience: 10+

Expertise: Teaching Managers & Supervisors to coach and mentor their employees.


Training and developing dependable employees can be exhausting. She'll simplify and develop a training process that you can count on, and teach your leadership team how to do the same.     

Michelle's Webinars

Her Goal

Her goal is to improve your business's compliance with state and federal laws when it comes to harassment and diversity issues. She provide training for a successful business strategy.

Michelle's Vision

Michelle's Strength

Business Solutions

Staying compliant is not easy. With Michelle, you will learn solutions to common training and development challenges. Is your workplace READI? (Respectable, Equitable, Appreciative, Diverse, & Inclusive). Michelle can help you reach your targets.

Customer Service

Years of experience: 20+

Expertise: Facilitating a program filled with empathy, so that when they truly learn to listen and solve problems, employees transform their lives in all areas (personal and professional).

Change Management

Years of experience: 15+

Expertise: Motivating people to make changes they never thought possible, so that they experience a more productive attitude and an overall boost in morale for all.

Is your organization READI? Do you have Respect? Equality? Appreciation? Diversity? Inclusion?

Michelle's vision is to get your organization into (stronger) compliance with these values, and improve employee relations, productivity, and performance. Find out how she can help you and your business today!